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Over 3-decades of packaging automation expertise

Overcoming challenges is our second nature. We are known to implement out-of-box thinking in line with the packaging automation industry. Furthermore, our perceptive solutions combined with our sophisticated infrastructure have been setting innovative benchmarks in the hot-melt adhesive dispensing equipment segment. 

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Advantages & Features Of Hot-Melt Adhesives And Mahisa Equipment

Overcoming challenges is our second nature. We are known to imple-ment out-of-box thinking in line with the packaging automation indus-try. Furthermore, our perceptive solutions combined with our sophisti-cated infrastructure have been setting innovative benchmarks in the hot-melt adhesive dispensing equipment segment.

Advantages of using HMAs with Mahisa Equipment.
  1. Low technology adoption cost
  2. High value
  3. Improved packaging finish and quality
  4. Low manpower
  5. Increased output
Save space, time and money.
  1. Per carton cost is lower than other carton sealing methods such as tapes,water/solvent based cold adhesives, hot-glue guns.
  2. Quick drying compared to cold glues (various open times depending on grade, from 2-3 seconds to 10 seconds).
  3. Reclaim lost production floor space compared to cold glues (no requirement of a long drying conveyor).
  4. Faster production; quick application, quicker drying.
Environment friendly.
  1. No VOCs compared to solvent based cold glues
  2. HMAs are 100% adhesive; tapes are only 30% adhesive and 70% plastic backing
Zero Wastage.
  1. 100% utilization of adhesive
  2. Reuse dried/cooled adhesive
Tamper Evidence; Safe Packaging.
  1. 100% carton fibre tear on opening
  2. Tapes can be opened and resealed
Improve packaging finish & quality.
  1. Improper application of tapes
  2. Manual application of tapes and adhesives involves unhygienic and dirty environment
  3. No dust/product collection on packaging during drying process.
Reliable and trusted technical support system across India
Apart from reducing the production cost, our adhesive dispensing solutions result in enhanced productivity for our clients. In addition, we have established a pan-India sales and service network which ensures that our clients receive reliable technical support and guidance across the country conveniently.
Better storage.
  1. HMAs work in a wide temperature range; compared to cold glues and tapes – cold storage to hot, humid climate
Wide application.
  1. Various grades of HMAs available to bond different substrates and for different applications.
  2. Impervious/low surface energy surfaces can be bonded.
Higher Shelf Life.
  1. HMAs can be stored for much longer compared to cold glues.
HMAs with Mahisa Equipment vs. Hot-glue Guns.
  1. Equipment and adhesive, both, made for bulk industrial use.
  2. Different systems and various adhesive grades catering to different applications.
  3. Industrial equipment includes precision temperature control thus improving bonding quality and product life.
  4. Glue Sticks are much more expensive than bulk HMAs.
  5. Glue sticks and guns face issues of adhesive stringing and dripping at nozzle tip.
HMAs vs. water/solvent based cold adhesives
  1. Quick drying.
  2. No adhesive wastage.
  3. No VOCs in HMAs.
  4. HMAs work in cold storage to hot and humid climate; not effected by moisture.
  5. No system cleaning required after each use.
  6. Reuse adhesive already in the system.
  7. Cleaner product packaging finish; no dirt marks or dust gets stuck on package since drying is quick.
HMAs vs. Tape
  1. Costs less.
  2. Tamper evident fibre tear.
  3. Not visible/inconspicuous application of HMA.
  4. In manual process, tapes come in contact with dirty hands – so unclean application.
  5. Proper application every single time.
  6. HMAs are 100% adhesive; tapes are about 30% adhesive and 70% plastic backing.
HMAs vs. staples in corrugated box manufacturing
  1. Reduce cost by 60-90% compared to using staples on side flaps.
  2. No rusting; export compatible.
  3. No damage to stored product.
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