We put our best in producing the highest quality of products making sure that our customers never come across any troubles or downtime in their manufacturing process.

We strive to meet every need of our customers and work to deliver maximum satisfaction.

However, there may be situations that arise where the customer requires support post installation and we promise to be available at any time to find every possible solution to any problem.

Mahisa prides itself in offering the best possible after-sales support and service to each and every customer in every corner of the country at the earliest.

We are continuously working on improving our processes to make sure we surpass our customers’ expectations and they face the least amount of inconvenience.

Our products come with a limited warranty where the parts our guaranteed to work without failure. In case there is an issue, part repairs or replacements are offered at no cost.

Mahisa also offers an Annual Maintenance Contract with our customers. Our AMC is designed to offer the maximum benefits to our customers. It can also be customized and configured as per our customers need.

Where applicable, our customers can also gain benefits from our exchange and/or equipment upgrade facilities on certain products.