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Adhesive industry event.

Adhesive industry Events are one point to contact many buyers interested or looking for adhesive bonding machines to increase their packaging productivity. These events happen worldwide for the manufacturer of hot melt glue dispenser machines where we have participated. Mahisa Packaging Industry Enterprises International is a leader in adhesive technologies and sealant professionals.

They have been providing innovative products for various industries for many years, from adhesive technologies to hot glue machines. Their team of experts designs and manufactures products that meet the highest quality, performance, and reliability standards. Packaging Expo Mumbai is at the forefront of this innovation, offering an array of exhibitions that showcase some of the most advanced packaging technologies available today. In addition, many packaging articles are published after the exhibitions are held.

Packaging events

Packaging events and international trade packaging exhibitions are a great way to stay up to date on the latest developments in the packaging industry. These events bring together experts from all over the world eager to showcase their innovative ideas and products. In addition, attendees have an opportunity to learn, network and interact with other professionals while developing their understanding of current trends in the industry.

The industrial packaging industry in India is seeing unprecedented growth due to the increasing number of industrial automation companies bringing their services to the country. As demand for more efficient processing and packaging solutions continues to rise, many businesses are turning to automation companies, such as those based in India, for assistance. As a result, the commercial trade show industry is rapidly evolving with new packaging evolution innovations. The packaging exhibition 2021 in India is an event that provides a forum for stakeholders from the packaging industry to come together and explore the latest innovations, advancements, and trends in packaging technologies.

Trade shows in India

The Trade Fair of India is an annual event celebrating the exhibition industry. It is a unique opportunity for exhibitors to showcase their products and services in this ever-growing sector. In addition, the Trade Fair hosts a range of exclusive exhibition booths, including glue binding, hot melt extrusion and hot melt exhibitions. The packaging industry is rapidly changing, and many companies are looking for automation to stay ahead of the competition.

As a result, packaging automation events in the packaging industry are becoming increasingly popular. They offer insight into cutting-edge technologies that can reduce costs, improve productivity, and enhance customer satisfaction. A steady increase in the development of more sustainable packaging solutions can characterize recent trends in packaging industry.

Packaging companies

Packaging companies in India have been using adhesive packaging to help store and transport products. With the application of adhesive packaging, businesses can ensure that their products are kept safe throughout their journey. Packaging facts exposition packaging is a concept that comprehensively presents factual information regarding the packaging industry in an organized and accessible format. Expo Packaging is an event that provides a platform for professionals in the packaging field to exchange current knowledge and strategies. Adhesive application systems are highly cost-effective packaging for solution automation of industry within this sector.

Packaging trade fair

The Packaging modern trade Fair is highly regarded in the packaging industry. It is an ideal platform for packaging automation companies to display their innovative technologies and solutions. These organizations specialize in integrating advanced automation systems and processes within the packaging sector, allowing for increased efficiency and reduced labour costs across multiple industries. The sales of tickets for the trade fair is an important element of the marketization process, as it facilitates the mobilization of resources required for the event.

Manufacturers of hot melt glue dispenser machines are a very niche category in adhesive industry events

The hot-melt glue dispenser machine manufacturers industry is very niche and needs more players who provide solutions. Therefore, the focus of participating in these events is to connect with the adhesive manufacturing industry and showcase our latest glue dispenser equipment. Business exhibitions in India have become increasingly popular in the past few years, with a significant rise in the number of business meetings and events being organized yearly.

The companies also create an events calendar to maintain their record of the events. There are many upcoming packaging exhibitions in India which will be held in the coming years. The packaging industry in India is set to have a revolution with the advent of hot glue guns, and an expo in India is focused on food industry packaging.

Packaging exhibition in India

The packaging industry in India is undergoing a massive transformation as technology, new materials, and sustainability are driving the designs of packaging products. A global exhibition in Mumbai provided a platform for attendees to explore innovative solutions for the packaging industry’s future. The best Indian packaging companies offer comprehensive solutions and can help businesses of all sizes protect their goods while ensuring they reach their intended destination intact.

Trade fair in India

The Trade Fair Authority of India (TFAI) is a statutory body established by the Government of India to promote, develop and organize business events in India. One of the main benefits of trade fair is that it allows businesses to connect directly with their target audience. Packaging technology, adhesive exhibitions and glue exhibitions are some of the most important events to attend in the world of packaging.

Every year, these events bring together experts, professionals and industry veterans from all over the world to discuss advances in adhesive application and glue binding used for packaging companies. Pack Plus South Packaging Summit is an industry event designed to help companies stay ahead of the curve regarding product packaging innovation. Product reviews provide customers with valuable information about products they may be considering for purchase. Trade fair suppliers of trade fair tickets and packaging exhibition organizers can benefit from attending these events.

We also showcase our latest plastic bonding machine at events to connect to other industries.

Our hot melt glue dispenser can be used on surfaces like plastic and metal. They serve the purpose of plastic-to-plastic bonding and plastic-to-metal bonding. We showcase all our adhesive dispensers at these events to make our customers understand our products’ benefits. Indiapac Pacprocess, Pack Ex Events Venue is a premier event space in India designed to host business conferences, expositions, and other professional gatherings. There are also many packaging events with google.

Trade fair in Delhi

The top packaging companies in India recently participated in the trade exhibition and trade fair at Pragati Maidan, a renowned event space in Delhi. This event provided a platform for these companies to showcase their offerings and interact with stakeholders across the country. It also enabled them to explore new trends and technologies related to packaging that could be adopted for their businesses.

Furthermore, it was an ideal opportunity for industry professionals to network and exchange ideas which could help them grow their respective enterprises. The automotive production business conferences in India events coordinator is a vital part of the corporate environment, as they are responsible for ensuring the successful execution of conferences and events within the Indian automotive production business sector.

Hot melt adhesive

Hot melt adhesives are an increasingly popular method of product assembly due to their ability to be applied rapidly with minimal labour requirements. Their applications of adhesives are enabled by automation in packaging, which allows for the precise deposition and manipulation of hot melt adhesive materials. The hot melt extruder is used in the hot melt extrusion process. This hot melt extrusion technique entails the application of heat, pressure, and agitation to a polymer material to form a homogenous mass with specific characteristics. The solid polymer is melted and forced through an extrusion die or nozzle, then solidified into a desired shape or form.

The adhesive market is rapidly growing as the need for strong bonding agents continues to increase. Adhesive testing standards are essential to guarantee these products quality and safety. Adhesive bonds provide a secure connection between two surfaces, making them ideal for numerous applications. The application of adhesive bonding can be seen in various industries and sectors, from industrial manufacturing to aerospace engineering. In industrial settings, adhesives are used for fastening parts together. Hot glue sticks allow businesses to package items together quickly and easily, with minimal disruption to production lines.

Business exhibition in Mumbai

Exhibition display boards are essential elements of any exhibitions in Mumbai, acting as a platform to showcase and communicate the key messages around a particular product or service. In addition, the exhibition stall design plays an integral role in enhancing the aesthetics of the hall and engaging with visitors. Industrial automation companies in Mumbai events company are a progressive force in the transition to manufacturing industry types, providing comprehensive communication solutions and services that facilitate innovation and collaboration between businesses, their customers and other stakeholders.

Automation packaging machine

Packaging automation companies in India have been increasingly participating in international trade fairs in India, such as Khadya Khurak, providing a platform for the exchange of goods, services and ideas. Automation in packaging industry events decoration machine display is a multi-faceted process involving integrating sophisticated software, hardware, and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to facilitate automated production.

Packaging trade shows

Packaging trade shows are an invaluable tool for businesses in the packaging industry. Industrial exhibition exhibitors can showcase their products, services, and technologies to potential customers and partners. The International Technical Fair Manufacturing Industry of India is a gathering of international experts and industry professionals dedicated to developing the future of innovation in mechanical engineering knowledge.

Packaging exhibition 2023 in India

Packaging Exhibition 2023 in India is an important event for the industry, showcasing the latest trends and technologies of packaging. The top industrial automation companies in India will be attending this exhibition. Also, many packaging companies in Mumbai specialize in mechanical knowledge.

We are a trusted name in the hot-melt adhesive dispensing segment where we have participated in various packaging exhibitions across India.
Over 3 decades, Mahisa Packaging Systems LLP has been at the forefront in the segment of hot-melt adhesive dispensing systems utilised for packaging applications in various industries. We have been a leading solutions provider for industrial hot-melt adhesive dispensing and packaging automation needs.
Our transition into a leading adhesive dispensing equipment manufacturer has been a story of perseverance. Perseverance that shaped superior calibre hot-melt adhesive dispensers with exemplary performance. Similarly, as a semi-automatic cartoning machine manufacturer, we provide insightful solutions for carton sealing which underlines our domain expertise.
Past Events
Date :February 6 – 9, 2024
Place : Bombay Exhibition Center, Mumbai
Hall No. 2, Stall No. I36
Note: This exhibition is related to the printing industry. So, we are only showcasing Felix Gluer, no other products
IndusFood Tech
Date : January 8 – 10, 2024
Place : India Expo Mart, Greater Noida
Hall No. 7, Stall No. D06
Note: This exhibition is related to the food industry. So, we are showcasing EcoPlus, EcoStar, MiniPace, SpeedPack
PackPlus South
Date : 19 Oct 2023 – 21 Oct 2023
Place : HITEX, Hyderabad
Date : 07 Sep 2023 – 09 Sep 2023
Place : Bombay Exhibition Center, Mumbai
Date : 10 August 2023 – 12 August 2023
Place : Pragati Maidan, New Delhi
Date : 09 June 2023 – 11 June 2023
Place : Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai
Date : 09 June 2023 – 11 June 2023
Place : Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai
IndiaCorr Expo
Date : Oct. 08 – 10, 2022
Place : Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai Hall No. 4, Stall No. B45
PackEx India
Date : Sept. 14 – 16, 2022
Place : Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai Hall No. 1, Stall No. C106
Upcoming Events
Date : May 28 – June 7, 2024
Place : Dusseldorf, Germany
Hall No. 9, Stall No. 9D01
Note: This exhibition is related to the printing industry. Our principal, Felix, is going to be participating directly. We will be present there as the Authorised Partner for India.
Anuga FoodTec

Date : August 28 – 30, 2024

Place : Bombay Exhibition Center, Mumbai
Hall No. 2, Stall No. H02
Note: This exhibition is related to packaging. We’ll be showcasing all our products here.
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