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Customer Testimonial

Jayna Packaging Pvt. Ltd.

Company Name: Jayna Packaging Pvt. Ltd.

Location: Kurla, Mumbai, India

Industry: Packaging and Display Solutions


Jayna Packaging Pvt. Ltd. has always been at the forefront of innovation in the packaging industry, consistently seeking advanced solutions that complement their commitment to creativity and sustainability. The challenge was finding reliable, high-performance hot-melt adhesive dispensing systems that could keep up with their high standards and unique production demands.

Machine Used: Custom hot-melt adhesive dispensing systems

Application: Used for assembling and sealing innovative corrugated furniture and display packaging.

Our relationship with Jayna Packaging began in 1997, marking the start of our journey with our first-ever customer for hot-melt adhesive dispensing systems. Introduced by a mutual contact in the industry, Jayna Packaging placed their trust in our technology from the outset. Over the years, this trust has deepened, leading to various customized solutions tailored specifically to their needs. In 2013, when we partnered with Graco in India, Jayna was the pioneer customer to invest in these high-end systems, reaffirming their faith in our capabilities. Over the years, we have supplied more than 10 different custom-purpose machines to meet their evolving needs.

Our machines have successfully met the intense requirements and challenging conditions at Jayna Packaging. The durability and precision of our systems have enabled Jayna to produce their signature corrugated furniture and displays that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally friendly and highly durable.

Jayna Packaging has been a loyal customer since 1997, growing alongside our advancements in adhesive dispensing technology.

“Mahisa Packaging Systems has been a pivotal part of our operations, providing us with adhesive dispensing solutions that meet our high standards for innovation and sustainability. Their machines have been integral to our production line, supporting our mission to create unique, durable, and eco-friendly products.” – Mr. Haresh Mehta, Founder, Jayna Packaging Pvt. Ltd.

Our journey with Jayna Packaging is not just a business relationship but a personal alliance that has grown over decades. Mr. Haresh Mehta, a pioneer in the industry, has consistently chosen us for their critical adhesive needs, pushing us to innovate and deliver high-quality solutions. The partnership led to us becoming the exclusive partners for Felix Gluer in India, with Jayna planning to incorporate the Felix Gluer systems into their operations.

Everest Food Products Pvt. Ltd.

Company Name: Everest Food Products Pvt. Ltd.

Location: Factories in Vikhroli and Umbergaon, India

Industry: Food Processing (Spices/Masala Manufacturing)


As one of the leading spices manufacturers in India, Everest needed a reliable and efficient solution for carton sealing that could handle the demands of their high-volume, advanced manufacturing plants.

Machine Used: EcoPlus 32 Manual Hot-Melt Adhesive Dispensing Systems

Application: Used for top and bottom carton sealing of spice packets.

Everest initially introduced manual carton sealing using hot-melt with our EcoPlus 32 machines over a decade ago. As their operations grew, they expanded to semi-automatic and fully automatic high-speed lines. Despite the sophistication of new automatic systems, Everest continues to employ our EcoPlus 32 machines on their manual lines. They have integrated over 40 of our EcoPlus 32 machines across their production lines. The setup involves multiple machines configured in mini packaging lines to enhance efficiency. Each line consists of two EcoPlus 32 machines, where the first operator seals one flap of the carton on the first machine, the second operator inserts the spice packet, and the third operator seals the other flap on the second machine.

This setup has allowed Everest to optimize their manual packaging lines, significantly boosting throughput while maintaining the integrity and security of packaging. The use of multiple EcoPlus 32 machines in tandem has proven to be a game-changer, ensuring continuous operation and scalability in their production process.

Everest has been using our systems since 2007, demonstrating a long-term commitment to our solutions across various stages of their growth.

“We have found Mahisa Packaging Systems’ EcoPlus 32 machines to be incredibly reliable and efficient. They have been instrumental in helping us maintain the pace of our high-volume production while ensuring the quality and security of our product packaging.” – [Name], [Position], Everest Food Products Pvt. Ltd.

Everest has been a valued customer for many years, showcasing a longstanding partnership that has evolved with technological advancements in packaging solutions provided by Mahisa.

Classic Display Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Company Name: Classic Display Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Location: IMT Manesar, Gurugram, Haryana, India

Industry: Point-of-Sale Material Production


Get ready to be amazed! The Indian printing and packaging industry just took a giant leap forward with the first-ever installation of the revolutionary Felix Gluer, the world’s fastest XY glue plotter! This momentous occasion, a collaboration between Mahisa Packaging Systems LLP and Classic Display Systems Private Limited (CDS), in Gurugram, marks a turning point for efficiency and innovation in the sector.

Classic Display Systems Pvt. Ltd. (CDS) is renowned for its innovative and sustainable display solutions. As a company that prioritizes creativity, quality, and environmental responsibility, CDS sought advanced adhesive dispensing technology that could match their high standards and cater to their diverse material usage which includes cardboard, corrugated plastic, acrylic, and more.

Machine Used: Felix Gluer Combo XL

Application: Used for assembling complex and varied display materials efficiently.

Our relationship with CDS began almost a year ago when Mr. Harsh Mohunta sought a high-quality solution for their expansive production needs. After extensive discussions and a demonstration trip to Germany, CDS became the first customer in India to adopt the Felix Gluer Combo XL, one of the largest and most capable models from Felix. This system was installed at their IMT Manesar plant in Gurugram, enhancing their production capabilities to unprecedented levels.

Imagine a machine that completely redefines precision, speed, and productivity. That’s the magic of FELIX GLUER®! This cutting-edge technology has revolutionized the gluing process, ensuring every packaging project achieves unparalleled excellence. The machine’s precision and efficiency have made it an indispensable part of their manufacturing process.

CDS has been our customer since 2023, embracing our latest adhesive technology within a short period after initial discussions.

“The Felix Gluer Combo XL has transformed how we approach our display production. It’s not just about sticking things together; it’s about creating displays that capture the essence of brands we work with, sustainably and innovatively. Mahisa Packaging Systems understood our needs and provided a solution that fits perfectly into our production line.” – Mr. Harsh Mohunta, Founder, Classic Display Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Our engagement with CDS has quickly evolved into a strong partnership, highlighting our shared commitment to innovation and quality. The successful installation of the Felix Gluer Combo XL was prominently featured in a LinkedIn post, celebrating this new phase in our collaboration.

Kishwan Snacks Ltd.

Company Name: Kishwan Snacks Ltd.

Location: Chattogram, Bangladesh

Industry: Food Processing


Kishwan Snacks Ltd., a distinguished food processing group in Bangladesh, strives to supply pure and nutritious food while maintaining high standards of hygiene. To achieve this, they needed reliable packaging solutions that could keep up with their commitment to quality and efficiency.

Machine Used: EcoPlus 11, EcoPlus 32, and SpeedPack

Application: The EcoPlus systems are used for gluing and folding top and bottom flaps of pre-filled cartons. SpeedPack, a semi-automatic continuous cartoning solution, was added to enhance their packaging line further.

Kishwan was one of our first major export orders. They initially purchased four EcoPlus 11 machines and one EcoPlus 32 machine in 2020. Impressed with the performance and reliability of these systems, they expanded their capabilities by adding our SpeedPack system in 2021.

The introduction of the EcoPlus and SpeedPack systems at Kishwan’s facilities has significantly streamlined their packaging processes, ensuring that products meet their strict standards for hygiene and quality. The efficiency of these systems has supported Kishwan’s growth and helped maintain their status as a world-class food manufacturer.

Kishwan has been using our systems since 2020, starting with the EcoPlus models and expanding with the SpeedPack in 2021.

“We have consistently relied on Mahisa Packaging Systems to meet our packaging needs. Their machines have proven to be robust and efficient, aligning perfectly with our goals to deliver high-quality food products in the most hygienic manner.” – [Name], [Position], Kishwan Snacks Ltd.

Our partnership with Kishwan Snacks Ltd. began with a significant export order in 2020 and has grown steadily with their subsequent investments in our technology, reflecting their trust and satisfaction with our solutions.

Societe Imperiale des Thes et Infusions (SITI)

Company Name: Societe Imperiale des Thes et Infusions (SITI)

Location: Marrakech, Morocco

Industry: Tea Production and Packaging


As a leading provider of premium tea packing solutions, SITI has always prioritized quality and creativity in its packaging processes. They needed packaging systems that could offer flexibility and allow for creative expression, aligning with their mission to provide tailor-made packaging solutions that fully represent each brand’s personality.

Machine Used: EcoPlus 11

Application: The EcoPlus 11 systems are used for various tea packaging tasks, enhancing the efficiency and quality of SITI’s packaging operations.

SITI first engaged with us in 2021, purchasing three EcoPlus 11 systems. Impressed with their performance, they quickly followed up with an additional order for four more units in the same year.

The EcoPlus 11 systems have significantly bolstered SITI’s packaging capabilities, allowing them to uphold their high standards of quality and flexibility. These systems have enabled SITI to expand their creative offerings, providing clients with custom packaging solutions that truly reflect the uniqueness of their brands.

SITI has been utilizing our EcoPlus 11 systems since 2021, experiencing consistent satisfaction and enhanced operational efficiency.

“The EcoPlus 11 systems from Mahisa Packaging Systems have been a game changer for our operations. They perfectly align with our goal to offer flexible, high-quality, and creative packaging solutions that our clients expect from us.” – [Name], [Position], Société Impériale des Thés et Infusions.

SITI’s collaboration with Mahisa Packaging Systems started with their first purchase in 2021, and they have continued to expand their capabilities with our systems, demonstrating their trust and satisfaction with our technology.

Amponsah-Efah Pharmaceuticals Limited

Company Name: Amponsah-Efah Pharmaceuticals Limited (A-EFAH Pharmaceuticals Limited)

Location: Fumesua, Ashanti Region, Ghana, West Africa

Industry: Pharmaceutical Manufacturing


Amponsah-Efah Pharmaceuticals Limited has evolved from a small pharmacy shop into a major pharmaceutical manufacturer. With their growth, maintaining efficient, high-quality production processes while adhering to strict regulatory standards has become increasingly crucial.

Machine Used: EcoPlus 11

Application: The EcoPlus 11 systems are used for efficient packaging of pharmaceutical products, ensuring that packaging is secure, reliable, and meets the stringent standards of the pharmaceutical industry.

In 2023, recognizing the need for advanced packaging solutions, Amponsah-Efah Pharmaceuticals procured four EcoPlus 11 systems along with 900 kg of adhesive, enhancing their packaging operations significantly.

The adoption of the EcoPlus 11 systems has allowed Amponsah-Efah Pharmaceuticals to streamline their packaging process, improve operational efficiency, and ensure the integrity and safety of their pharmaceutical products throughout their distribution channels in West Africa and beyond.

Amponsah-Efah Pharmaceuticals has been utilizing our EcoPlus 11 systems since 2023, achieving greater productivity and compliance with industry regulations.

“The EcoPlus 11 systems have transformed our packaging process, significantly enhancing our production efficiency and compliance with regulatory standards. Mahisa Packaging Systems has provided us with solutions that perfectly meet the demands of the pharmaceutical industry.” – [Name], [Position], Amponsah-Efah Pharmaceuticals Limited.

Our partnership with Amponsah-Efah Pharmaceuticals began in 2023 with their initial purchase, marking a significant step in their effort to enhance their manufacturing capabilities in Ghana.

Chozhan Industries

Company Name: Chozhan Industries

Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Industry: Shoe Care Products Manufacturing


Chozhan Industries has established itself as a leader in the shoe care product market, known for its top-quality products including shoe shiners and disposable slippers for major brands and hospitality chains. To uphold their reputation for excellence and meet the growing demand for their products, they needed advanced manufacturing solutions that could enhance their production efficiency while maintaining product quality.

Machine Used: Multiple EcoPlus Systems

Application: The EcoPlus systems are utilized for dispensing hot-melt adhesive in the assembly of shoe shiners, specifically for bonding foam to the plastic body. Several systems have also been integrated with conveyors to further automate the gluing process.

The adoption of EcoPlus systems has significantly streamlined Chozhan’s manufacturing processes, improving both the speed and consistency of assembly for their shoe care products. This automation has not only boosted production efficiency but also upheld the high quality of the final products.

We are engaged in ongoing discussions with Chozhan Industries to further automate their shoe shiner assembly line, with hot-melt adhesive dispensing playing a pivotal role in this upgrade. These discussions are focused on developing more comprehensive automation solutions that integrate seamlessly into their existing operations.

Chozhan Industries has been leveraging our EcoPlus systems since their adoption, finding them essential for meeting their production needs.

“Our partnership with Mahisa Packaging Systems has been instrumental in advancing our production capabilities. Their EcoPlus systems have brought precision and efficiency to our assembly line, allowing us to maintain our high standards of quality and meet increased market demands.” – [Name], [Position], Chozhan Industries.

Chozhan’s adoption of multiple EcoPlus systems has been a key factor in their ongoing success and growth in the competitive shoe care product market. Our continued collaboration aims to further enhance their manufacturing processes and product quality.

Hetero Labs

Company Name: Hetero Labs

Location: Operations in Jadcherla and Jeedimetla near Hyderabad, India

Industry: Pharmaceuticals


As one of the major drug and API manufacturers in India, Hetero Labs required advanced, flexible, and reliable packaging solutions to handle various carton sizes and maintain high production rates across multiple units.

Machines Used: 6 EcoPlus Systems, 8 SpeedPack Machines, and 2 EcoStar Machines

Application: These systems are used across Hetero’s various units for efficient packaging of pharmaceutical products, employing hot-melt adhesives for precision sealing. These systems are customized for high speed and flexibility to handle a vast range of carton sizes while being compact enough to fit into limited spaces.

The partnership began with the installation of a few EcoPlus systems at Hetero Unit V in 2018. Over the years, as Hetero experienced the efficiency and reliability of the systems, they expanded their machinery to include a total of 16 machines across their Units III, V, VA, VB, and VI.

The variety of systems installed at Hetero Labs has significantly enhanced their packaging operations, enabling them to maintain rigorous standards for safety and efficiency. The adaptability of the machines allows for seamless integration into their existing lines, supporting Hetero’s mission to produce affordable and high-quality medicines.

Hetero Labs has been utilizing our packaging systems since 2018, with continuous additions to their line-up to keep pace with their expanding operations.

“The diverse range of Mahisa Packaging Systems, from EcoPlus to SpeedPack and EcoStar, has been instrumental in optimizing our packaging processes across multiple units. These systems have not only met but exceeded our expectations in terms of speed, flexibility, and reliability.” – [Name], [Position], Hetero Labs.

Starting with a few systems in 2018, Hetero Labs has grown to incorporate 16 machines, reflecting their trust and satisfaction with the efficiency and quality of our solutions.

Laljee Godhoo & Co. (L.G. Hing)

Company Name: Laljee Godhoo & Co.

Location: Operations in Mumbai, Kumbakonam, and Chennai, India

Industry: Food Manufacturing


L.G. Hing, a prominent producer of Hing (Asafoetida), required advanced packaging solutions to efficiently handle their high-volume production and packaging while ensuring product safety and quality.

Machine Used: SpeedPack

Application: The SpeedPack machines are employed to seal cartons of Compounded Asafoetida Lumps in various sizes (50gms, 100gms, 200gms, and 500gms) using hot-melt adhesives. This semi-automatic continuous cartoning solution automates the gluing and folding of top and bottom flaps of pre-filled cartons.

After initially observing the machines in action at our facility, L.G. started with one SpeedPack machine at each of their three locations—Mumbai, Chennai, and Kumbakonam. Due to the successful integration and performance, they quickly added a second machine at each location within just three months.

The introduction of the SpeedPack machines has significantly enhanced L.G. Hing’s packaging operations, enabling rapid, consistent sealing of cartons which is crucial for maintaining the quality and freshness of Asafoetida. Operating at full capacity, these machines have proven their reliability and efficiency.

L.G. Hing has been utilizing a total of six SpeedPack machines since their initial purchase in 2018.

“The SpeedPack systems from Mahisa Packaging Systems have proven to be crucial in optimizing our packaging operations. Their reliability and efficiency have allowed us to maintain high production standards and meet increased market demands comfortably.” – [Name], [Position], Laljee Godhoo & Co.

L.G. Hing’s initial investment in our SpeedPack machines has only expanded over the years, reflecting their satisfaction and the continued demand for efficient packaging solutions.

Vimal Agro Products Pvt. Ltd., Namo Paper Pack, and Gujarat Box & Cartons Manufacturers

Company Names: Vimal Agro Products Pvt. Ltd., Namo Paper Pack, Gujarat Box & Cartons Manufacturers

Industry: Packaging and Manufacturing

Applications: Corrugated and Paper Board Tray Forming




These companies required advanced, flexible, and reliable packaging solutions for forming trays integral to their product offerings. The diversity in tray designs and materials necessitated a versatile system capable of adjusting to different production demands.

Machine Used: EcoStar and EcoPlus

Application: The EcoStar and EcoPlus machines are employed across these companies for the forming of 4-corner or 6-corner trays made from corrugated board or paper board. EcoStar integrates world-renowned hot-melt dispensing systems with custom controls, offering the flexibility to adjust and move glue guns as required by the tray designs.

Vimal Agro Products Pvt. Ltd.: Became a customer in 2010 with an EcoPlus machine, added a SpeedPack in 2011, and later purchased EcoStar systems in May and July 2022 for tray forming.

Namo Paper Pack: Purchased an EcoStar in 2021 for tray forming.

Gujarat Box & Cartons Manufacturers: Purchased an EcoPlus in 2023 for tray forming.

EcoStar machines at these companies have been customized to enhance their functionality, including the integration of sensors for automating glue dispensing. This ensures precise glue application, crucial for maintaining the integrity and durability of the trays.

The implementation of the EcoStar and EcoPlus systems has transformed the tray forming processes at Vimal Agro Products, Namo Paper Pack, and Gujarat Box & Cartons Manufacturers. With enhanced flexibility and reliability, the machines have enabled these companies to efficiently meet their diverse packaging needs while maintaining high standards of quality.

Each company has employed these machines according to their specific production requirements and timelines.

“The EcoStar and EcoPlus systems from Mahisa Packaging Systems have provided us with unparalleled flexibility and reliability in our tray forming operations. The ability to customize and automate aspects of the adhesive application has significantly improved our production efficiency and product quality.” – Representatives from Vimal Agro Products, Namo Paper Pack, and Gujarat Box & Cartons Manufacturers.

These companies’ choice to utilize the EcoStar and EcoPlus machines underscores their commitment to adopting innovative technologies that enhance their production capabilities and maintain their competitive edge in the packaging industry.

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